A Different Kind of Squeeze

//A Different Kind of Squeeze

Prakesh Patel (Panja) a mentor, teacher and commentator on OKbridge as well as bridge correspondent of the Times of India, sent along this interesting squeeze hand.

Dlr: South   Vul: E-W

S K 7 6 5 2
H A 5
D 7 2
C K 8 4 3
H J 10 9 8 2
D J 9 3
C J 10 7 2
S Q J 10 4 3
H Q 4 3
D 10 6 5
C A 5
S 9 8
HK 7 6
D A K Q 8 4
C Q 9 6


pass3NTall pass
* Transfer to spades

Panja tells how he was thinking as he played the hand.

“Counting five diamonds (if diamonds didn’t divide 3-3, it was a poor score anyway) and two top hearts, I still needed two more tricks to make the game. The SA had to be onside and I had to guess the location of the CA as well. Of course, if I could drop the doubleton CA from East, that might obviate the need for the SA to be onside.

”If I played a low club from dummy to my queen, and it lost to the ace, I pretty much had no further chance. On the other hand, if I played a club from hand to the king and lost to the ace, I still had the extra chance of finding the CJ10 with West.

”Accordingly I won the first trick with the HK and played a club to the king. It lost to the ace, and a heart came back as expected. When I cashed the last diamond, West was squeezed in a most interesting manner. He had to hold on to the CJT and the SA, so he could keep only two hearts. I could coolly play a spade and develop the SK for the ninth trick.”


Dorothy Eggersfor had been wondering what a 3C overcall over 1Cmeans. She found out the hard way – it was used against her.

Dlr: North   Vul: E-W   IMPs

S Q 7
H 9 8 7 4
D 9 5 4
C 9 8 6 4
S 10 2
H 6 2
D A K Q J 10 6 3 2
S A J 6 5 3
H A J 10
D 8
C J 7 5 2
S K 9 8 4
H K Q 5 3
D 7
C A Q 10 3


3Cpass3NTall pass

The usual idea behind such an unusual call is to ask partner to bid 3NT if he has a stopper in the opponent’s suit. Usually the 3C bidder would have stoppers in the other three suits, including a running suit, but West realized that partner had to take only one trick before the opponents took five. The eight diamonds would take care of the rest.

And that’s exactly what happened. East had a stopper in clubs and bid the game. South led a heart, and declarer quickly took his 10 tricks for a 5.95 IMP pickup.

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Harold Schogger has just celebrated 40 years of bridge teaching. He opened his bridge club in Hendon London in 1983. Since 1997 he has devoted his time to teaching and directing.He holds the Professional Teachers’ Diploma from the English Bridge Union, and now trains teachers for the EBU. He is also a member of the International Bridge Press Association. Harold is the author of Practice Your Rule of 11 and the ebook Bridge for Winners.Harold has been an OKbridge member since 1997. You can see his valuable blog posts here under the category Bridge Hand Review. Harold is also a Premier Life Master.

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