An Excellent Insurance Policy

//An Excellent Insurance Policy

Shardul Mehta (docindoc) and his partner got to a fine grand slam on this deal, and Docindoc took out an insurance policy that won him all 13 tricks.

Dlr: North Vul: E-W

S 5 4 3
H Q J 7 4 2
D 10
C K Q 8 4
S K 2
H A K 10 9 6 5
C 7 6 5 2
S A Q J 10 7
H —
D K Q J 8 6 3
C A 3
S 9 8 6
H 8 3
D 9 7 5 4 2
C J 10 9
Pass7SAll pass

Docindoc found himself to be the only declarer in 7S. The opening lead was the D7. The contract looked cold unless either spades or diamonds broke badly. He could handle a 5-1 trump split as long as diamonds were no worse than 4-2. He could handle a 5-1 diamond break as long as trumps were no worse than 4-2.

Based on the fact that South led a diamond and North followed with the 10, Docindoc decided South had a long diamond suit and was hoping to give North a ruff. He covered the possibility that South had a diamond stopper by crossing to his hand with the CA and ruffing a diamond with the SK. Then he drew trumps and claimed for a 15-IMP gain.

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