Cy’s Money’s Worth

//Cy’s Money’s Worth

Dealer: South
Both sides vulnerable

S Q J 10 6
H 8 7
D Q 9 6
C K 10 8 7
S A K 8 7 4
H A 9 6
D J 8 7
C 9 6
S 3 2
H 5 4 2
D 5 4 3 2
C 5 4 3 2
S 9 5
H K Q J 10 3
D A K 10
1 H1 S1 NTPass
4 H
Opening Lead: S K

“We all know you’re as cynical as an old trial lawyer,” I remarked to Cy the Cynic. “I’m sure you view the proverbial glass of wine as half-empty, not half-full.””My concern,” Cy shrugged, “is whether the bartender gave me my money’s worth.”

Cy got his money’s worth when he was today’s East. He had a hand so dreadful you might hold one like it once in 50 years. Cy grimly heard North-South bid to four hearts (they could have collected 800 points against one spade doubled), and West led the king of spades.

When the Cynic followed with the three, West continued with the ace and a third spade. Cy was alert enough to ruff with the four of trumps.


South overruffed with the ten and led the jack, but West flew with the ace and led a fourth spade. When Cy uppercut with his five of trumps, declarer had to overruff with an honor again, and West’s nine scored for down one.“The wonder is,” Cy said, “that I didn’t hold the three of trumps instead of the four.”


You hold:
SA K 8 7 4
HA 9 6
DJ 8 7
C9 6
. Your partner opens one heart, you respond one spade and he bids two diamonds. The opponents pass. What do you say?

You have 12 good points and heart support, hence you must make sure of reaching game. Bid four hearts. After your one-over-one response of one spade, a jump-preference to three hearts would be invitational, not forcing. You would choose that bid if your king of spades were the jack.

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