Parting Company

Dealer: West
N-S vulnerable

S A Q 7 5 2
H K 5 4
D A K 10 3
S 8
H 10 2
D J 7 2
C A K 10 8 7 6 5
H A J 9 6
D Q 9 8 6 5
C 4 2
S 10 9 6 4 3
H Q 8 7 3
D 4
C J 9 3
3 CDblPass3 S
Pass4 SAll Pass
Opening Lead: C K

Some players might admit that the best part of their game is being dummy. But it’s the worst part for Cy the Cynic. He expects all his partners to goof.When Cy was North in a penny game, West led a diamond at the second trick. South won, ruffed a diamond and led a trump to the queen. East took the king and returned a diamond. South threw a heart, won in dummy and drew trumps, He led a heart to his queen, but East got two heart tricks. The result was down one, and the Cynic was frustrated and showed it.

“A fool and my money are soon parted,” Cy grumbled.


At the third trick, South does best to take the ace of trumps. A finesse against West, who preempted, is not a favorite. South next cashes the second high diamond, ruffs a diamond, ruffs a club in dummy and ruffs a diamond.South then ruffs his last club in dummy. If East doesn’t overruff, South exits with a trump, and East must lead a heart, letting South lose only one heart and only three tricks in all.DAILY QUESTION
You hold:
H10 2
DJ 7 2
CA K 10 8 7 6 5
. With both sides vulnerable, you open three clubs. The next player bids three spades, your partner doubles and the player at your right passes. What do you say?
Partner’s double is for penalty. He promises to beat three spades, and though your preempt promised no sure defensive tricks, you have the A-K of your suit. Pass and expect a big profit. To run to four clubs would be a breach of partnership trust.

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