Monthly Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

//Monthly Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

Bridge Results – By The Numbers…

1/01/19 – 1/20/2019

January is off to a strong start with impressive bridge results and ACBL tournament stats.   If you have not played online this month, there is still time!   Go  to OKbridge and try our new software, OKlive!


Bridge Results – ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments

13,242 pairs competed in 238 ACBL Masterpoint tournaments playing 2,856 boards so far this month.  How  does this measure up?  Most noteworthy is 12,243 pairs in 199 ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments (minis) while 999 pairs competed in 39 combo tournaments.     Check out our daily tournament schedule on the OKbridge web site or your OKbridge members portal.


Cathycat and Grand43 are running neck and neck in the masterpoint leaderboards so far this month at 44.21 and 44.04 in winnings, respectfully.  Likewise, Phyllisq, Euposso, Danb, Ondrwyzr, Shen1, Aries, Hahaha48,  and Seadoo round out the Top 10 with movement in the ranking during the week.  Consequently, with a spread of less than 6 masterpoints separating the top five contenders, it is a tight race at the top.


Visit the ACBL leaderboards in the OKbridge members portal for a complete list including last month,  year to date, and more.


ACBL tournament satisfaction for the month is 76% with Noodle receiving 100% satisfaction rating while Knife is a close second at 83%.    We appreciate receiving your survey results – keep them coming!

Bridge Results – Player Performance Rating

Average player rating (Lehman Rating) is 55.34 (MP) and 52.05 (IMP).

Rated tables (competitive) are factored into a Lehman Player Rating.  Consequently, unrated (social) tables have no impact on the Lehman Player Rating.

Go to the FAQs (Lehman Rating System) in the OKbridge members portal for more information on our player rating system and how it is calculated.


Bridge Results – Table Crash Stats:

215 tables crashed to date in January.  7 players ranked ‘high’ to ‘extreme’ abuse registering 82 boards crashed where they were the offending party.  Consequently, these seven players comprise 38% of the total table crashes.


Crashed tables:  215

Skipped tables:  200

Score requests:  94

Review requests:  11


We received and adjudicated 94 score requests (pending boards).

If you are a victim of a crashed table (resulting in a pending board), please go to Pending Boards in the OKbridge members portal and request a score.  There is a process including an escalation to a certified director to review the pending board and score the board as if it had been played to completion.  This is a great opportunity to get redress but there is a limited time-frame to request a review (72 hours).

11 score reviews on completed boards have been received and adjudicated to date.  If you played a board to completion but would like the score reviewed, please go to your Completed Boards in the OKbridge members portal and submit your request.  There is an automated process with escalation to a certified director to review the board as needed.  Similar to the process for uncompleted (pending) boards, there is a limited time to request a review of 72 hours.


Finally, there are no pending board review requests outstanding as of 1/20.

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