OKbridge Update 03.2019#1

//OKbridge Update 03.2019#1

ACBL Masterpoint Subscription Fee

In 2018 our masterpoint tourney subscription rate increased to $99 per year.  The previous $49 was a promotional price (discounted from $99) that ran 15 years during which we increased the number of daily ACBL tourneys from 4 to 10 (up to 300+ per month).  Over the years our costs continued to increase and in 2018 we modified our pricing to bring it more in line with our costs.  There is no per tournament fee.

OKbridge membership options

There are two types of membership on OKbridge: Standard and Premium – each of which can be enrolled monthly or annually. Standard Membership costs only $9.99 paid monthly or $99 paid annually and provides you access to all open games, OKbridge mini tournaments awarding pondpoints, player rating system, moderated site, and member resources. Premium Membership costs only $19.99 paid monthly or $198 paid annually and provides you access to everything in the Standard Membership plus up to 10 daily ACBL sanctioned tournaments which are stratified and award masterpoints.

If you have any questions, need help finding the best subscription for your needs, or have a financial constraint, please send an email to help@okbridge.com or register@okbridge.com.


Conduct & Ethics on OKbridge

We are focused on improving all of our players experience on OKbridge.  We actively report results (good or bad) on this blog with table crashing, tournament satisfaction, and game stats.  Part of this effort includes increasing awareness of our procedures and remedies as well as encouraging members to request scores for boards interrupted or score reviews for completed boards.

To review our policy on Conduct & Ethics, including how to file a report, click here.   For detailed tournament rules, an expanded section can be found here.  If you have concerns about obtaining illicit information about a hand and making use of that information in a tournament please go directly here to read our procedure and how to submit a report.

It goes without saying that the gravest possible offense is for a partnership to exchange information through prearranged methods of communication other than those sanctioned by the rules and laws of bridge.

We have consolidated and simplified our emails and reporting process to help make it easier and more efficient.  During the tournament, notify the director with any concerns but please do not stop the play.  If you wish to file a complaint post tournament, please click here or send an email to ethicsdirector@okbridge.com.


ACBL Masterpoint Dig Down Deep Initiative

We recently responded to a member’s concern that masterpoints won had not been updated to their ACBL account.  Fortunately, it was just a typo when they added the number to their profile and easily fixed.  That got us thinking and doing a little research to see if others have the same issue.  In our investigation, we found incorrect ACBL numbers, blank fields, and random text.

How it works…

We use an automated monthly process and if the ACBL member number is invalid or the field left empty it will not correctly report your winnings to the ACBL.  Last year we cleaned up the members home page and put in controls to help make sure the field only accepts valid ACBL format.  However, while that works fine going forward, there are players who have invalid information in the field or missing the ACBL member number dating back months or years.  In January we kicked off an internal effort to review all active members with an ACBL number to make sure their masterpoints are being properly updated to the ACBL.

An ACBL member number or membership to ACBL is  not required to play in OKbridge ACBL sanctioned tournaments.  However, if you have an ACBL member number, even if it is currently inactive, we want to report those masterpoint winnings for you.  We always update your winnings to your OKbridge account both for the masterpoint leaderboards and pondpoints leaderboards and that is the first place to check.  You can also go to your OKbridge member home page to view your specific winnings and previous year archives.

The small project became a big initiative…

Our little project is now a major initiative for us.  As we find an error or missing information we work with the player to get it updated and then research previous months (sometimes years) to find every lost point and update it with the ACBL.

The work is ongoing and the results amazing!  Look at the next blog post ‘February – By The Numbers’ to see how many points we reclaimed for OKbridge members and updated with the ACBL accounts in February.    If you are missing any masterpoints being reported to the ACBL or realized that your ACBL information is incorrect send us an email to help@okbridge.com.

Thank you for playing OKbridge!


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