February 2019 Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

//February 2019 Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

Bridge Results – By The Numbers…

February 2019

February was a busy month on a number of fronts.  For a short month we packed in two releases to OKlive, kicked off ‘reclaim’ Masterpoints initiative, continued focus on reducing closing tables mid play all the while still cranking out over 9,000 tournament tables.

From the front office……

OKlive Update

OKlive, our new online bridge game, is steadily moving through its alpha phase.  There were two releases in February (Alpha v1.02 and v1.03) including private chat upgrades, new banned words list, improved scrolling, improved hand diagram, cleaned up player card format, additions to the list view in the lobbies, improved tourney request partner functionality and messaging.   Log into your member home page and select ‘Play OKlive Now’ from the top of the page to see it yourself.  Don’t worry, OKplus and OKwin are here to stay – we love ‘em as much as you do.

ACBL Masterpoint Reclaim Initiative

In a previous post we described our initiative to help update any player who has an incorrect ACBL number in their profile.  An incorrect number means our automated system cannot accurately report a members winnings to the ACBL.  As we find and correct a members account, we research back months, in some cases years, to reclaim every masterpoint won.  Consequently, in February we reclaimed 3,789.41 masterpoints for our members and it is a great feeling each time we find a success!

Bridge Results – ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments

18,239 pairs competed in 334 ACBL Masterpoint sessions playing 4,008 boards in February.  How does this measure up?  The breakdown is 16,855 pairs in 279 ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments (minis) while 1,384 pairs competed in 55 combo tournaments.   Total ACBL Masterpoint tables of 9,119 for the month!  Check out our daily tournament schedule on the OKbridge web site or your OKbridge members portal.

Bridge Results – ACBL Leaderboards

Cathycat held the lead coming in first for the month at 78.56 with Grand43 at second at 67.15. Danb moved into 3rd position last week and held it for the month totals at 57.23 with Euposso and Ondrwyzr coming in fourth and fifth at 54.09 and 46.92 respectfully. Stephenf jumped into 6th spot for the month with Dawn, Tunafish, Seadoo, and Judylee rounding out the Top 10.  While the top five stayed consistent during February, there was significant movement in positions 6-10 with Stephenf, Dawn and Tunafish all breaking into the Top 10 in the last part of the month.    Thank you to all the tournament players for keeping the game exciting.  Congrats to the top 10 for the month, to those that made it on the leaderboards and to all that participated!

Visit the ACBL leaderboards in the OKbridge members portal for a complete list including last month,  year to date, and more in the archives.

Tournament Satisfaction

ACBL tournament satisfaction for the month inched up to 68% just beating that of 66% in January. Merley and Canooz tied for 100% satisfaction each, Noodle came in at 66.7% satisfaction, and Starkist at 30%.    ‘Can’t remember’ came in at 59% for the month.  Congrats to Merley and Canooz for 100% satisfaction rating for the month!  Removing ‘Can’t remember’ from the calculations, the Tournament Directors averaged 71% satisfaction for the month which is still below our  baseline goal of 80%.  We appreciate receiving your survey results – keep them coming and please make sure to include as much information as possible.

Bridge Results – Player Performance Rating

OKbridge is the only bridge game with a comprehensive player rating system called Lehman Ratings.  Rated tables (competitive) are factored into a Lehman Player Rating.  Consequently, unrated (social) tables have no impact on the Lehman Player Rating.

Go to the FAQs (Lehman Rating System) in the OKbridge members portal for more information on our player rating system and how it is calculated.

Bridge Results – Table Crash Stats

289 tables ‘crashed’ (table servers closed table or player left table during game play) to date in January.  13 players ranked ‘high’ to ‘extreme’ abuse registering 174 boards crashed where they were the offending party closing the table (as the table server) during game play.  This is down 25% from the previous month (January) which is great step in the right direction and a meaningful decrease overall.   Consequently, these 13 players comprise 42% of the total table crashes during this period.  Thank you to those players who improved this stat and we continue our efforts to reduce this number further.

Please notify the table in advance and always finish a board before closing the table or leaving your seat.  It is never acceptable to intentionally close or leave a table during the game play.

Crashed tables:  289

Skipped tables:  294

Score requests:  116

Review requests:  20

Bridge Score Requests and Score Reviews

We received and adjudicated 116 score requests (pending boards) for the month of February.

If you are a victim of a ‘crashed’ table (resulting in a pending board), please go to  Pending Boards in the OKbridge members portal and request a score.  There is a process including an escalation to a certified director to review the pending board and score the board as if it had been played to completion.  This is a great opportunity to get redress but there is a limited time-frame to request a review (72 hours).

20 score reviews on completed boards were received and adjudicated to date (up from 14 in January).  If you played a board to completion but would like the score reviewed, please go to your Completed Boards in the OKbridge members portal and submit your request.  There is an automated process with escalation to a certified director to review the board as needed.  Similar to the process for uncompleted (pending) boards, there is a limited time to request a review of 72 hours.

Finally, there are no pending board review requests outstanding as of 2/28.

Thank you for a great February and good luck, happy partners and great boards for March!

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