June 2019 Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

//June 2019 Bridge Results and ACBL Tournament Stats

Bridge Results – By The Numbers…

June 2019

We are at the half-way mark for the year – it has gone by so fast!   Our June bridge results were strong and it was a busy month with our new game web app, ACBL tournaments and conduct initiatives.  We launched an enhanced user interface for OKlive and added in a number of improvements to help players during bidding and card play thus greatly reducing undo requests – and so much more!  We have been very focused on conduct and ethics to make the game as fun and rewarding as possible to all players and are seeing favorable results in that area.    Thank you for your support!

The NABC nationals are in Las Vegas this month (July) and best of luck to our Tournament Director Canooz whose team will be competing and all of you who will be competing or attending.  James (jimokb) will be there as well.  All in all, we played 9,177 tournament tables in June and 56,965 for the half of the year – all live player action.  Good stuff.

From the front office……

OKlive Update

OKlive, our new online bridge software, is steadily improving and expanding features and options.  We were on a tear in June rolling out at least one new release per week and without a doubt it was the biggest month this year for the web app.  Every aspect of OKlive was enhanced – user interface, navigation, design, features and functionality.

Log into your member home page and select ‘Play OKlive Now’ from the top of the page to see it for yourself.  We will have several important releases in July so keep on the lookout!

Bridge Results – ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments

18,353 pairs competed in 359 ACBL Masterpoint sessions playing 4,308 boards reflecting strong June bridge results.  How does this measure up?  The breakdown is 16,783 pairs in 300 ACBL Masterpoint Tournaments (minis) while 1,570 pairs competed in 59 combo tournaments.   Total ACBL Masterpoint tables of 9,177 for the month!  Check out our daily tournament schedule on the OKbridge web site or your OKbridge members portal.

Bridge Results – ACBL Leaderboards

Cathycat held the lead coming in first for the month at 81.23 with Phyllisq and Grand43 battling for second.  Phyllisq took the 2nd spot with 53.19 with Grand43 right on their heels at 53.04. Janet held strong at fourth (52.69) with Aries (50.54) rounding out the top five.  The race for the next two positions was another tight one with Hahaha48 (47.84) coming in at sixth and Dawn (47.11) at seventh.  Rko, Bania, and Akshayso flushed out the Top 10.  Congrats to the Top 10 for the month, the 800+ that made it on the leaderboards and to all that participated!

Visit the ACBL leaderboards in the OKbridge members portal for a complete list including last month,  year to date, and more in the archives.

Tournament Satisfaction

ACBL tournament satisfaction for the month was a disappointing 56%. Canooz and Merley tied for 100% satisfaction each, Knife came in at 68% satisfaction, Starkist at 24% and Noodle at 11%.    Congrats to Canooz and Merley for 100% satisfaction rating for the month! Tournament satisfaction for the June is below our baseline goal of 80% and is a drop from our January – May average of 74%, so we are reviewing for improvement opportunities.   We appreciate receiving your survey results – keep them coming and please make sure to include as much information as possible.

Bridge Results – Player Performance Rating

OKbridge offers a comprehensive player performance rating system called Lehman Ratings.  Rated tables (competitive) are factored into a Lehman Player Rating.  Consequently, unrated (social) tables have no impact on the Lehman Player Rating.

Go to the FAQs (Lehman Rating System) in the OKbridge members portal for more information on our player rating system and how it is calculated.

Bridge Results – Table Crash Stats

273 tables ‘crashed’ (table servers closed table or player left table during game play) in June.  21 players ranked ‘high’ to ‘extreme’ abuse registering 242 boards crashed where they were the offending party closing the table (as the table server) during game play.  This represents about a 10-15% improvement over previous months.      Consequently, these 21 players comprise 56% of the total table crashes during this period which is also a strong improvement.  Thank you to those players who are working to improve this stat.

Please notify the table in advance and always finish a board before closing the table or leaving your seat.  It is never acceptable to intentionally close or leave a table during the game play.

Crashed tables:  273

Skipped tables:  356

Score requests:  127

Review requests:  19

Bridge Score Requests and Score Reviews

We received and adjudicated 127 score requests (pending boards) for the month of March.  This is a slight increase and indicates more players are requesting a score when a table is closed during game play – and that is a good thing.

If you are a victim of a ‘crashed’ table (resulting in a pending board), please go to  Pending Boards in the OKbridge members portal and request a score.  There is a process including an escalation to a certified director to review the pending board and score the board as if it had been played to completion.  This is a great opportunity to get redress but there is a limited time-frame to request a review (72 hours).

19 score reviews on completed boards were received and adjudicated in June.  If you played a board to completion but would like the score reviewed, please go to your Completed Boards in the OKbridge members portal and submit your request.  There is an automated process with escalation to a certified director to review the board as needed.  Similar to the process for uncompleted (pending) boards, there is a limited time to request a review of 72 hours.

Finally, there are no pending board review requests outstanding as of 6/30..

Thank you for a great June and good luck, happy partners and great boards for July!

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