What’s New

//What’s New

OKlive Patch notes (in case you missed it…)


More audio added and updated and it is awesome!

Browser detection to improve login and logout (currently Google Chrome on PC/Mac/etc. or Silk browser if using Amazon Fire tablet)

Settings updated:

Player jersey save bug resolved

Suit sort order for hand diagrams bug fixed



Game Table and Tournaments

On table message added when convention card posted or updated (to complement chat message)

Animation on card display updated to remove white container background

Right hand navigation updated so that icons remain after function opened

Tournament start reminders and messages added to tournament lobby

Hand/contract results added to scoreboard



Game Table

New animated scoreboard added to the game table and it is very cool.

Transition animations are updated to eliminate hesitations and they run much more smoothly – particularly on tablets.

On table chat display is now modified to help prevent right hand rail from covering up important messages.

Update applied to game table turn indicator (on ipad) to eliminate duplicate arrow on south position.

Right Hand Navigation

Right hand navigation CC icon updated to include indicator when new CC published.



OKlive product updates moves to its own column instead of monthly updates as part of  Bridge Results.   This makes it more relevant to post updates each time a release is made instead of summarizing monthly.

Nested Suits

Recently we introduced nested cards and icons and they have really helped improve the overall function and form factor.  We believe this also improves cognitive recognition/processing.  A great innovation for the game.  You will see them in game play, auction, and results.  Let us know what you think!


We changed the navigation ditching the top header and going with left and right expanding side navigation.  Redesigned game icons for a more consistent look and feel.  You may have noticed that our color palette is also more refined and should be much easier on the eyes over extended period of play time.

Right Hand Navigation

Players can see all the action without leaving a table or location currently at.  For example, you can see every player or table including friends online or offline and their location all without leaving your game table or location.  Same for tournament status, schedule and table information.

Settings have been greatly improved with ability to switch options and display preferences live and see them displayed immediately.

Game settings now include confirmation prompt options (enabled by default) for both bidding and card play which greatly reduces the need for undos.

Results redesigned using our nested card innovation to provide more information in a more user friendly format (and looks great too!).

Game Table

Hand diagrams redesigned with special attention paid to the E-W positions to place cards in columns instead of rows freeing up valuable space on the game table.  Profile cards have also been redesigned in a round format instead of the card size format.

Keeping the play fresh is a top priority and to that end animations on to the game table have been added making it easier for spectators and players to follow the action (and where it is going)!


Tournament dashboard has been added which displays all partner requests sent or received in an easy to read list.  This is a huge improvement over OKplus and OKwin where requests can stack on top of one another obstructing other invites.  The dashboard now opens by default upon entering the tournament lobby.


OKlive is our new browser based, member inspired game that does not require any software or app download.  It is blends all the best of OKplus and OKwin and a whole lot more – into a completely different experience from any bridge game we have ever played on before.  We would love to have you join us and share your experience on how we can make it even better.  To try out OKlive, log into www.okbridge.com and when on your member home page select ‘Play OKlive Now!’ button at the top of the page.  Have fun!

– Your friends at OKbridge







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