Imaginative defense

//Imaginative defense

This submission comes from Deke, who was very impressed with the defense Mas gave him on this deal:

Dlr: East Vul: Both

S A K J 6 3
H 5
D A 8 3
C A 6 4 3
S 10 7 5 2
H Q 7 6 3
D Q 7
C 9 8 7
S Q 9
H A J 10 2
D J 10 6 5
C Q 10 5
S 8 4
H K 9 8 4
D K 9 4 2
C K J 2


Pass3NTAll Pass

West led a heart to partner’s ace and declarer ducked the heart jack return. He took the third heart and went after spades, letting the 8 ride. Mas won this with the queen, not the 9! And Mas did NOT cash his heart trick. Instead he led the jack of diamonds.

Now Deke thought that West had started with five hearts and probably five spades. If this proved to be the case, he had West caught in a squeeze. By ducking the first diamond, he could rectify the count. Then he would win the next minor suit lead and run his four minor suit tricks.

West would have to make a discard from a good heart and the four spades he had to keep to prevent dummy from running the suit. Whatever he would do, declarer would have the rest for his game.

So declarer ducked the diamond to rectify the count! Now, with two hearts, a spade and a diamond already in the bank, Mas cashed his good heart to set the contract. What a wonderful false picture Mas painted.

Now watch Mickey37 turn three losers into two to bring home his five heart contract.

Dlr: West Vul: N-S

S 9 4 2
H K 10 9 3 2
C A Q 5 2
S K Q J 6
H 5
D 9 8 7 6 5 4 3
C 3
S 8 7 3
H J 4
D K J 10 2
C J 10 6 4
S A 10 5
H A Q 8 7 6
C K 9 8 7


5D5HAll Pass

Mickey ducked the opening spade lead but won the second spade. After drawing trumps he cashed his diamond ace and just one club. Then he got off lead with a spade to West.

West was helpless. Down to one spade and all diamonds, he was forced to give declarer a sluff-ruff. So declarer was able to get rid of his losing club and score up his game.

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Harold Schogger has just celebrated 40 years of bridge teaching. He opened his bridge club in Hendon London in 1983. Since 1997 he has devoted his time to teaching and directing.He holds the Professional Teachers’ Diploma from the English Bridge Union, and now trains teachers for the EBU. He is also a member of the International Bridge Press Association. Harold is the author of Practice Your Rule of 11 and the ebook Bridge for Winners.Harold has been an OKbridge member since 1997. You can see his valuable blog posts here under the category Bridge Hand Review. Harold is also a Premier Life Master.

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