‘Play Bridge With Me’

//‘Play Bridge With Me’

Dealer: East
N-S vulnerable

S A 9 8 2
H K 6 3
D 7 6
C K J 9 2
S 7
H J 10 9 4
D 9 8 3 2
C A 8 7 5
S K 5 3
H Q 8 5
D A 10 5 4
C Q 6 3
S Q J 10 6 4
H A 7 2
C 10 4
Pass1 SPass3 S
Pass4 SAll Pass
Opening Lead: H J

Since 1981 I’ve written a monthly column for the ACBL’s magazine. Many have been “over-my-shoulder” style. You listen in on my thoughts during a deal.Ninety of the best of these appear in “Play Bridge With Me,” my 23rd book, just published. The deals are intermediate level; the focus is on logical thinking.

At today’s four spades, I win the first heart in dummy and lead a diamond. I can’t risk losing an early trump finesse; I need a quick pitch for my heart loser. East wins the second diamond and returns a heart, and I win to discard dummy’s last heart on my high diamond. When I finesse in trumps, East wins and exits with a trump.


Now I must guess in clubs. But East, a passed hand, had the ace of diamonds, queen of hearts and king of spades. He won’t have the ace of clubs, so I lead to the king, making the game.For a postpaid to U.S. copy of “Play Bridge With Me,” send $23.95 to PO Box 962, Fayette AL 35555. Tell me how you’d like it inscribed. Profits donated.DAILY QUESTION

You hold:
SA 9 8 2
HK 6 3
D7 6
CK J 9 2
. The dealer, at your left, opens one heart. Your partner doubles, and the next player passes. What do you say?

This case is close. In theory, your 11 points are enough for a jump to two spades, inviting game, but your king of hearts, trapped in front of the opening bidder, may be worthless. Many experts would jump anyway. I would reluctantly downgrade the hand and settle for a response of one spade.

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About the Author:

Frank Stewart is one of the world's most prolific bridge journalists. He won many tournament events before devoting himself to writing. Frank has published hundreds of magazine and on-line articles. He has written 24 books, among them "Becoming an Expert," "Play Bridge With Me," "Who Has the Queen?" and most recently "Keys to Winning Bridge." In 2014, Frank Stewart received the International Bridge Press Association's Alan Truscott Award. He has been the senior analyst for ACBL-wide Charity and International Fund events since 1980. Frank and his wife, Charlotte, a pediatric speech pathologist, live in Fayette AL. They have a 17-year-old daughter.

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