Such a Lazy Bid

//Such a Lazy Bid

Dlr: South Vul: None

S 10
H K J 4 3
D 10 8 6 3
C A 8 7 5
S A K 6 5
H 8 5
D 9 4 2
C J 9 4 3 2
S Q 9 8 4 3
H 10 9 6 2
C K Q 6
S J 7 2
H A Q 7
D A K Q J 7 5
C 10

Most pairs wound up in 5D on this deal and then wondered how they could have found the cold slam. Usually the bidding went Pass – 1D, 1H – 3D, 5D. But Ralph Cohen found a better bid over 3D.

5All Pass

When his partner leaped to 3D, Ralph realized that his hand might be golden. To check it out, he splintered to 4S instead of settling for the diamond game.

When Ralph announced the singleton spade plus trump support, his partner realized the slam possibilities. If partner had as little as the CA and the HK – just seven high card points – slam would be cold. And why would Ralph splinter unless he had some useful cards?

So out came Blackwood, revealing the CA. That was enough – Ralph’s partner bid the slam for almost all the matchpoints. When Ralph discovered that most Norths had bid 5D, he shrugged and commented, “5D is such a lazy bid.”

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